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Happy Friday Sweets!

Cocktail + Dress = Frocktail

I was so excited when Unique Vintage asked me to be a part of this fun equation! Though Unique Vintage is synonymous with the Pin Up World, I'll explain a tad bit more for those who have never heard of this magical site.

Unique Vintage specializes in retro clothing! That's not it though. Not only does Unique Vintage have its own brand which produces lovely clothing, it brings together retro/vintage recreation brands together in one place. With that, it draws you in to the pin up/vintage world that much more & simultaneously introduces you to magical people. Search #UniqueVintage on Instagram & beautifully unique, retro enthusiasts will fill your screen.

Okay...Okay...I'll stop with the gushing over their website now, I'll just leave it up to you to check em out.

Now why did I choose the Mint Green Garden State Mesh Cocktail Dress?

I honestly couldn't steer away from the word "mint". In the title of the dress is a food product (though technically I suppose mint is an actual color as well), but I thought play on words!

That, and I had just gotten back from Disneyland where I had my first ever non alcoholic version of the Mint Julep in New Orleans Square. (Which is strangely more time consuming then the actual Mint Julep & I may post that recipe at a later date!)

On top of all of that, when you think Mint Julep, you think Kentucky Derby which is a fashionable affair with hats (and boy, do I love hats!)

Find the dress below:

So, a classic Mint Julep is what I made.

Classic Mint Julep
- Ice - Crushed
- Bourbon
- Simple Syrup - 3 cups sugar + 3 cups water
- Mint Leaves; for simple syrup + garnish

Simple Syrup
Dissolve 3 cups of sugar in 3 cups of water over stove top; let chill. While I had it cooling down I added some mint leaves (It gave it a little extra hint of mint!)

Check out the video to see how I put it all together! :-)

There are so many variations though of the mint julep. During the filming of this recipe video, I also made a blackberry mint julep & I actually enjoyed the extra sweetness the blackberries brought.

The dress itself made me feel like a beautiful southern belle! There are so many different ways one can change up this outfit & personalize it to make it their own & that's what I love to look for in dresses! Why look the same, when you can be unique! (Oh, that felt really cheesy, but it's heartfelt & something I truly mean!)

I added a simple necklace, a white hat, my beige Unique Vintage (Catch Of The Day) shoes & presto. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had come with a little petticoat underneath to give it a fuller look. Another bonus, you don't need to wear a bra!

This dress is very fragile! Don't go dancing through rose bushes or cascading down fences on your date night or prom. Know what's on the agenda & plan accordingly is my best advice!

Twirling around Atomic Living (@atomicliving.hayward) in this Unique Vintage dress with my best friend (@MeganEwbank) was one of the most fantastical of evenings.

A big thank you to Atomic Living for letting me crash their beautiful store after hours!

A thank you to my best friend since 3rd grade & professional photographer Megan Ewbank for making the trek to help me with this project!

PLUS A HUMONGOUS XOXO to Unique Vintage for asking me to a part of this magical month!

Don't forget ladies & gentlemen to STAY SCRUMPTIOUS!
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Miss Semi Sweet

One Mint Julep, was the cause of it all!