TRY THE WORLD | Marrakesh

The idea in itself is a fantastic concept. Putting ingredients from a specific country in a cute little box & all that's missing is a bow!

However, I think I set my expectations to high. They put items that even said "Products of Morocco", yet they somehow lacked an authentic feel. Oh, I feel very hipster saying that. 
What I mean by that is I feel like I could go to my local Cost Plus or World Market & find these in the snack section. That being said I suppose this is actually a cheaper way of doing that.

The total cost is $39.99 or $40 for those of you who like to round up. You have enough ingredients for a meal of 2 or 3. Not including the actual protein or veg.
You can check out more about it here.

I haven't attempted any of the recipes yet suggest by them in the little booklet! But you can bet your bottom dollar that I will & will post a little bloggy blog about it. I also have a free Paris box coming in the mail soon, I hope! Maybe it will be different!

So summary -

Concept A+
Feeling of Authenticity C

Check out the video & let me know what you think!
Miss Semi Sweet