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Hi there my scrumptious little morsels! <3

So this recipe was found while searching the web for retro halloween recipes!
Then I stumbled upon this...

I tweaked it just a little bit by adding in Sprite! (Yes, my own original idea! Proud of myself for that one! LOL)

Witches Brew Recipe:
Ice Cube Tray
Plastic Eyeballs, Spiders (if you can find candies ones, the recipe recommends it)
Frozen Orange Juice *melted
Frozen Pineapple Juice *melted
Frozen Lime Juice *when you can't find the pineapple juice
1 Bottle Of Sprite
Black or Red Licorice


Place plastic candy or toys into ice cube tray and let freeze for a few hours.

In a punch bowl or pitcher pour orange juice and pineapple or lime juice. Add water (enough to equal the amount of juice liquid). Then add in full 20 oz bottle of Sprite. Pour into cups, add some creepy ice cubes & serve with a black or red licorice straw. 


Make sure to get pulp free, because as I sit here staring at these photos I realize I may have gotten the frozen juice with pulp. IT TASTED GOOD THOUGH! So that's important!

(Also another confession, I couldn't locate black licorice at my local Target, so Red Vines had to work. It did!)

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