Hello my scrumptious little morsels!!

If you haven't already watched this video, HERE'S THE SCOOP!

I was selected as one of the top 80 (out of 180) contestants to participate in the online voting round of Miss Viva Las Vegas! After seeing some other pin ups that I admire enter the pageant, I thought why not! I wasn't expecting to make it to the voting round, but here I am!! 

In my video on YouTube (link at the top), I explained how to vote. Here are some written directions:

Go to http://www.vivalasvegas.net/pin-up-contest/

You'll see this:

After you click "Vote," enter your email address and prove you're not a robot. In order to complete the process, you'll need to check your email. THE EMAIL MAY BE IN YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Click the link and you're all set! Remember, one vote per IP address. If your internet goes through a router, that means all the computers accessing internet through that router share the IP address.

Thank you sweets!!