Eater SF 38 Most Essential Restaurants: BAR TARTINE

It's funny, you would think after an attempt to film that didn't fully work at The Michelin Star Restaurant, Aziza, that I would have learned my lesson. Yet here I am again.....with dark Bar Tartine. (Side note for Morgan: Make brunch reservations.)

A while back I found this list, It is a list of the 38 Most Essential Restaurants to try in San Francisco. You see, I used to traveled into the city Monday-Friday by BART (our rapid transit system) or by car, but I would be rushing to school and then rushing from school back to the East Bay to work. I loath traffic, so it was always my goal to beat it after class. Which left little me not much time to explore the city I ventured into daily. I saw this list as my opportunity to see what I was missing.

{If you take the BART into the city, Bar Tartine is on the same exit I would get off at to make my mile trek to school. I just found out this tid bit of information and you can almost imagine my surprise that turned in "are you freaking kidding me?!"
It's about two blocks from the BART Station. TWO BLOCKS! I could have had lunch there (a fancy lunch) after class. What does Elsa say? "Let it goooo! Let it goooo!"}

Anywho, back to my review on Bar Tartine (since this after all what this post is about) ...
My friend, Rachelle & I took the trek there one Saturday or possibly Sunday evening. Our reservations were for 7:15 pm & we got there with plenty of time to spare.
We were sat probably at 7:30ish (the other patrons were clearly enjoying their dinner & did not want to leave).

The atmosphere was rustic feeling. With candle light adorning the tables & pumpkin gords along the wall. It wasn't a large restaurant even though it looked to have possibly been two separate buildings at one time & then combined into two. Unfortunately this still didn't leave much room for my large darier to squeeze around tables. The wait staff was friendly & informative, he was very good at leaving a table alone when we were in conversation, but always keeping an eye out.

On too food!
Rachelle & I decided to share everything,
We started off with the, "Raw halibut in chilled nettle broth with chili oil" and the "Beef tartare on toast with tonnato sauce bottarga".
Definitions for ingredients I hadn't heard of before, so here they are in case you haven't either.
-Nettle - "a herbaceous plant that has jagged leaves covered with stinging hairs."
-Tonnato - "a classic Italian sauce made with tuna and anchovies"
-Bottarga - "salted, cured fish roe."
Wow, I'm impressed with myself. Take that everyone who says I can't eat different or strange things!

The Raw Hilbut was divine. It was not overly fishy in flavor, but instead left
a very clean refreshing taste on the pallet.  The Beef Tartare on the other hand....Okay let's say it like this. The combination of the tonnato sauce & beef tartare on a piece of delectable bread mixed quite well. Even though culinary school taught me to try everything, to be open minded to anything, there are a few things I can't get over. Raw food (raw beef to be exact) & anything that has to do with glands or tongue. #ICant

The next set of dishes consisted of, "smoked potatoes with black garlic and ramp mayonnaise". Before I go any further all I can say is yum! Wow. Every time you stuck your fork into one, you almost assumed you were getting a meatball, but instead it was this savory new potato. My mouth is salivating as I think back. They weren't small enough to just pop in your mouth, well maybe if you weren't working hard on trying to look like a classy lady you may have been able too. The salty caramelized outer layer gave way to a tender center! I sat mostly consuming these while also working on the, "pork cabbage rolls with beets & black trumpets". For some reason my mind assumed that I was going to get almost an egg roll type dish, so of course when my pork mix wrapped with one leaf of cabbage I was quite surprised. This & I was kind of still wishing I had got the "chicken with chickpeas and brussels sprouts". Here's the thing, I normally get I was trying to stay away from it. trying to expand my horizons....even though....THAT DISH WAS CALLING MY NAME! Next time...Next time...especially since I got 0 footage & 0 pictures, but I did get a superb amount of my memories & tasty food in my belly so it all ended well! <3

Miss Semi Sweet