Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy

"Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy" can be a little misleading.....I mean out of all the the "classic" recipes I've recreated this was on the tamer side. Still, the half peach with mayonnaise in the center is not something I was down to try (even though I did make it).

I fell in love with the ideas of the pear covered in grapes. It's a very unique, cute little healthy snack to add to maybe child's party. Now, the cream + cream cheese....that I would change up (probably to an unhealthier frosting like version which voids out all healthy aspects of this fruit salad...I have a sweet tooth/sweet is, what it is.) It's still worth giving a try if you have the ingredients lying around!

The avocado orange salad, was....different. It tasted alright. I don't know if there are any other recipes that combine the two & if there is let me know! Certainly worth looking up! The flavor of both match incredibly well. The sweetness of the orange & the creaminess of the avocado was divine, but the layout is what intrigued me to try. It reminded me of half a brain (don't ask me why my nogin took me there, but alas it did.)

If you try any of these recipes let me know!
I'd certainly like to see your pictures!
Miss Semi Sweet