Why hello there!

A few weeks ago I was just browsing the interwebs or maybe scanning my instagram feed & came across these donut works of art.

Follow them on Instagram <3

Follow them on Instagram <3

My little doughnut addiction was set ablaze & I knew that I needed to order some as soon as possible. So I did.
Here's where the story really begins.

I ordered the Pink Lemonade
& the Vermont Maple Bacon Donuts

Though, with all honesty, there were plenty more I could have chosen.

Debbie Mast, the owner makes each batch to order with the freshest Vermont ingredients. The other cool fact, is that they are baked & not fried like regular donuts. So my rational is they're a tad bit more that means I can eat more right?!

They are shipped within two to three days. If you order now, by Wednesday you can be enjoying them. (Think about that). Now, in my video I said that they arrived in "pretty good condition" meaning none were broken or smashed, but a few had shifted from the original spot. Which is bound to undoubtedly happen when they travel across country.

What I found most incredible was the not only did they look delicious, but the fact that they were delicious. "You must first eat with your eyes" & I did which is why I ordered. I will be coming back for more & sending them to my grandmother for mother's day or my father for father's day is because of just how tasty those little morsels are.

Every bite in the Vermont Maple Bacon held something a little savory & something a little sweet. Every taste in the Pink Lemonade held that feeling of summer hanging out on your sidewalk with your friends when you were younger. 

Order some & try them for yourself. <3
I think I'm on to buy the Irish Coffee Mini Donuts or the Key Lime Pie.

Stay Scrumptious!
Miss Semi Sweet

Let me know if you order any & which ones!