Potato Pancakes, Rum Applesauce, Irish Coffee - a Bradley family tradition. Well that & corned beef & cabbage for dinner, which I heard wasn't actually something the Irish do.... Eh, it's the Irish American family tradition I suppose.

Irish Coffee
Some history about where Irish Coffee came from


After my Le Cordon Bleu Graduation last May; my father, sister, grandmother, & I went over to the famous Buena Vista Cafe on Hyde Street in San Francisco. This place is credited for introducing Irish Coffee to America and boy I am so glad they did.

Irish Coffee has different variations, but there are a few staples.
1.)Coffee (Or Americano - Espresso Shots & water)
2.)Sugar Cubes
3.)Irish Whiskey (we used Bushmills)
4.)Whipped Cream

A good way to start your morning, wouldn't you agree.

Potato Pancakes

Different recipes abound, but this is mine.

2 cups grated potatoes
3 eggs
2 tbsp flour
1 tbsp (meh, who I am kidding) a good handful of minced onions
1 tsp garlic powder
Salt & Pepper
Splash of Irish Whiskey

Whisk eggs, flour, salt pepper, onions, garlic powder, irish whiskey together. Add grated & strained potatoes. May need more flour, feel free to add some!

Add oil to a pan. When it's hot, form little patty & drop it into oil.

Keep an eye on them!


Rum Applesauce

So, this is a new one....also I'd like to add that if any of my culinary school friends/disney world chefs see the cuts of those apples just know, it wasn't me.

1) 6 apples - I used pink ladies
2) 1/4 cup dark rum
3) 1 cup of water
4) 1 tsp ginger
5) 2 cups brown sugar
6) 1 tsp allspice

In a pot add apples & water & let simmer for 10 minutes. Add rum, ginger, brown sugar & allspice & let simmer for 20 more minutes until the apples are nice & tender.


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Stay Scrumptious!
Miss Semi Sweet